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Ancient Greece

The ancient Greek civilization was one of the most influential civilizations in history. Located in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Greeks developed a complex and sophisticated culture that had a lasting impact on the Western world.

Ancient Greek civilization is often divided into three periods: the Archaic Period, the Classical Period, and the Hellenistic Period.

- The Archaic period , which lasted from the 8th to 6th centuries BC, saw the development of the first Greek city-states and the appearance of the Greek alphabet.

- The Classical period , which lasted from the 5th to 4th centuries BC, was a time of great artistic and intellectual achievements. It was during this time that the great philosophers Socrates, Plato and Aristotle lived and taught, and the playwrights Sophocles, Euripides and Aeschylus wrote their famous works.

- The Hellenistic period , which lasted from the 4th to 1st centuries BC, saw the spread of Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean world following the conquests of Alexander the Great.

(But it is important to note that elaborate cultures and civilizations have existed in Greece and its surroundings since the 4th millennium BC such as the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations for example).

ancient Greece

Culture, politics, way of thinking, mathematics, philosophy, art, architecture or even the Olympic Games... many things that we all know today and which are an integral part of our culture resulted from or were propagated by their civilization.

For example, one of the most notable features of ancient Greek civilization was its emphasis on democracy . Greek city-states were ruled by elected representatives and all citizens, regardless of social status, had the right to participate in the political process. This emphasis on democracy had a profound influence on later civilizations, including the Roman Republic and the modern democratic systems of government that exist today.

Another important aspect of ancient Greek civilization was the emphasis placed on the arts. The Greeks were known for their sculptures, paintings, and architecture, and their works continue to be admired and studied to this day. The Parthenon , a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena in Athens , is an excellent example of ancient Greek architecture and is considered one of the greatest achievements of Western civilization.

Ancient Greek sculpture

The ancient Greeks were also known for their contributions to science and philosophy. The philosopher Aristotle was the tutor of Alexander the Great and had a major influence on Western thought. The mathematician Euclid , whose work on geometry is still studied today, lived in ancient Greece, as did the physician Hippocrates , who is considered the father of modern medicine.

Their mythology, their legends, their gods and heroes, inspiring and mysterious. Zeus , Athena , Poseidon or even Heracles , Ulysses or Theseus are names that almost all of us know and which come from this era. Thousand-year-old temples in their honor are still standing today for many of these gods. Then texts and epics such as the famous works of Homer , The Iliad and The Odyssey , written more than 2800 years ago, still praise ancient heroes.

Statue of Zeus at Olympia

Overall, ancient Greek civilization had a profound and lasting impact on the world. The emphasis on democracy, the arts, and intellectual pursuits have shaped much of Western culture and continue to be studied and admired today.

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