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[Event] Mekong Artisans 2021 - Cambodia Edition

An immersive journey to Southeast Asia in the heart of Paris. This is what this event was, in which I had the great honor of participating and exhibiting ARCHAIA CREATIONS clothing.

Below, I share with you the description of the event, then just after, some souvenir images of this superb experience.

Artisans of the Mekong - Cambodia edition

Artisans du Mékong - Cambodia edition, here we come! Enjoy an immersive journey through Southeast Asia.

Escape for a moment, from November 23 to 27 and come and live with us a unique experience, which will take place in a magical place in the heart of Paris, Espace Cinko .

A Parisian loft of 400m2 transformed for the occasion into an exhibition gallery and a concept store, punctuated every day by workshops and various activities to introduce you to the traditions of Cambodia.

The program from November 23 to 27:

  • (EXPO ) “Photography of Cambodia from the 19th to the 21st century” by Monor Moul, a chronological exhibition where you will travel in time through a collection of photo archives dating back more than 100 years and photo-documentary portraits of Cambodia from today.
  • (CONCEPT STORE) Between modernity and tradition, an invitation to discover new Cambodian products by Evaan. Thanks to a one-of-a-kind Market, with ethical and original creations, the ideal opportunity to unearth exceptional Christmas gifts...
  • (WORKSHOPS) An opportunity to get together around playful workshops related to crafts, well-being or the traditions of Cambodia... A rich program to discover:
  • Jewelry creation workshop with Zircon gemstones from Ratanakiri.
  • Introduction to the sacred Khmer dance and its history.
  • Introduction to the Khmer martial art Bokator.
  • A discovery class of Theravada Buddhism in the presence of Venerable Nuoth.
  • A Bubble Tea workshop, yes we are in the heart of a district famous for its ramens and its bubble tea, why do without it?
  • A Khmer storytelling workshop for children and adults.
  • A surprise screening!
  • A conference devoted to the preservation of Cambodian culture and heritage through the protection of elephants, with the exceptional presence of Marianne Clais .
  • A studio photo shoot in traditional Khmer attire by a professional.

As you will have understood, this is an exceptional event not to be missed which combines culture, tradition and modernity to immerse you in Cambodia from yesterday to today...

Being myself of Cambodian origin and having worked alongside @sabaydara for @evaanmarket (who organize this event), it is with great pleasure that I will be there.

You will be able to find in the Concept-Store of the event sustainable and ethical products made in Cambodia that are just fabulous and that I highly recommend.

Then also, eco-responsible ARCHAIA CREATIONS items inspired by Cambodian civilization, and specially screen-printed by hand in Paris for the occasion by @jrconnolly .

Do not hesitate to come and discover the event, it will also be an opportunity to meet and discuss! 🙌

Facebook event link: https://bit.ly/artisansdumekong2021eventFB

📍 Espace Cinko, 12 Passage Choiseul, 75002 Paris
🚇 Metro: Pyramide or Opéra, Line 14 and 3, 7, 8.
📅 November 23-27, 2021
🕙 10am-8pm I Exhibition & Concept-store: Free admission I Workshops, screening and conference on registration

Partners: Lyvann Loeuk (Galerie Lee), European Federation of Bokator, Chang-Thona Naga, Monor Moul, Nohelyn creation jewelry, Picsounaldo, Booba tea coffee shop, Catherine Thiounn, Tchaa food truck, ARCHAIA CREATIONS.

Artisans du Mékong - Cambodia edition organized by Evaan Market.

Below, find some souvenir photos of this event 📸: