Archaia Creations

ARCHAIA CREATIONS is a clothing brand honoring history, mythology and ancient civilizations, which was created in October 2021. But the story of its creation obviously goes back further.


ARCHAIA CREATIONS was founded by Romain, a 23-year-old French entrepreneur of Sino-Cambodian origin.

After several years of interest in entrepreneurship, and the opening of an Asian jewelry brand, then other projects that did not come to fruition, he decided to embark on a new adventure in 2021.

Particularly enjoying fashion, and having this idea of ​​launching his own ready-to-wear brand for some time now, he decided to make this idea a reality.

However, that's when he had to decide what kind of brand he wanted to do, what kind of designs he wanted to create, what clothes he would like to wear and why these clothes rather than others.

Then, after a few days of reflection, the answer seemed obvious to him. A brand inspired by history, mythology and ancient civilizations.

Indeed, one of Romain's first wishes when creating this company was to do something he loves, something that would make him enthusiastic when he gets up early in the morning and goes to bed late at night, and that he could do even if he wasn't paid.

So he said to himself that he simply had to combine one of his passions with this brand of clothing, and that's what he did.

Indeed, from an early age, he has been passionate about history, archaeology, ancient civilizations, their mythologies, their works of art or even their monuments.

However, he very rarely found clothing brands honoring these subjects, and creating clothing inspired by these cultures.

So he told himself that if he couldn't find what he wanted on the market, he just had to create it himself, and that's what he did. Turning his imagination into reality and launching ARCHAIA CREATIONS, several months after the emergence of this idea in his head.


Romain initially wanted to name his clothing brand simply "ARCHAIA". A word coming from ancient Greek and precisely meaning "ancient" in French, and which he found particularly appropriate to the "why" of his brand, and to his desire and his desire to highlight the ancient history of peoples, cultures and civilizations of our planet.

Nevertheless, ARCHAIA alone was already taken, so he decided on ARCHAIA CREATIONS :)

The first collection

For the brand's first collection, he wanted to do something special. Highlight 10 different civilizations from all over the world. Civilizations from Europe, Africa, America or even Asia.

Indeed, being himself heir to a multiculturalism with on the one hand France and Europe through his father and China and Cambodia through his mother, he has always lived daily through this diversity and the resulting wealth.

A wealth that exists all over the world, and through all its different peoples and cultures. Cultures that are the consequence of thousands of years of history and that have led, in one way or another, to the society in which we live today.

Nevertheless, this history, these cultures and these ancient civilizations are often only very little known and put forward while it is full of a just incredible richness.

This is why he decided to create a first collection highlighting these 10 civilizations. Well-known civilizations such as the Greek or Egyptian civilizations, along with others much less known, such as the Khmer, Indus Valley or Caral civilizations.

The first collection he launched on October 4, 2021, and which he named PROTOS (which means "first" in ancient Greek, as it was the brand's first collection), is thus made up of ten models, each inspired by a different civilization.

For this first collection, civilizations have thus been honored:

  1. Mesopotamian
  2. Egyptian
  3. Greek
  4. Roman
  5. Khmer
  6. Chinese
  7. Japanese
  8. Indus Valley
  9. Maya
  10. Carl

The following...

Other collections are in preparation and will arrive very soon.

While waiting for them, Romain creates weekly content on history, mythology, ancient archaeological sites or ancient civilizations that he publishes on Instagram (@archaia_creations) , Facebook (@archaiacreations) , the site's blog , as well as in the form of a weekly Newsletter which he named L'Argonaut .

Moreover, particularly appreciating this tradition that is the Chinese New Year, also called Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, which he has celebrated every year with his family since his birth, he launched a capsule collection for the occasion which he named Lunar New Year, and which you can check out by clicking the button below.

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