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πŸŒ‹ Pompeii πŸŒ‹

More than an archaeological site, it is a moment in history that has remained frozen in time.

Located in Italy, not far from Naples, it is an extraordinary ancient city that was buried in 79 AD. JC following the eruption of Vesuvius.

A city that was completely frozen under several meters of volcanic sediment for almost two millennia until its rediscovery in the 17th century.

It would have been founded by Osques (a people of ancient Italy whose origin remains unknown), even if at the time of its disappearance, it was a Roman colony.

A simply incredible site because of its remarkable state of conservation which constitutes an invaluable testimony to ancient Rome.

It thus conceals splendid archaeological and artistic treasures.

Amphitheatre, temples, forum, thermal baths, villas, sculptures, mosaics or even frescoes, the city is fascinating and magnificent.

Below is a photo of a fresco taken during my trip there in 2016: