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The Parisii 🛡️

The Parisii - Celtic Tribe

The Parisii are a Celtic tribe that settled in what is now Paris during the Iron Age (8th - 1st century BC). The origin of the current name of the city of Paris, thus comes from this tribe.

But what is their story?

They are described as a wealthy and powerful tribe with a thriving trade network. Indeed, they controlled the river traffic along the river from their capital, Lutèce —which is said to have been established on the Île de la Cité , an island in the Seine that was to become the heart of Paris ( although the recent discovery of important remains in Nanterre calls into question these certainties ).

The Parisii were known for their skill in working metals, especially gold and silver. The Parisii gold stater, which is certainly one of the most beautiful Gallic coins , is an excellent example of this, and shows the originality of the monetary production of the Celtic peoples.

The Gallic Wars - Julius Caesar - Vercingetorix

Then, the Parisii were conquered by Julius Caesar during the Gallic Wars in the 1st century BC. JC, following their rallying to the resistance movement of Vercingetorix . Following the Roman conquest, the city of Lutetia—then named Lutetia Parisiorum by the Romans—was established as an important Roman colony, and the Parisii became part of the Roman Empire .

The Parisii were also known for their religious practices, which included the worship of a variety of gods and goddesses, including Epona , the horse goddess, and Cernunnos , the deer god.

Overall, the Parisii were a large and influential Celtic tribe with a rich cultural heritage. Although they were conquered by the Romans, their heritage is still present in the city of Paris and its region.

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