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Ancient Egypt

The Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest known civilizations. Taking root a little over 5,000 years ago following the political unification of Lower and Upper Egypt and the creation of the first dynasty, it was led by the famous and enigmatic pharaohs.

Many things remain to be discovered, but find below a short summary of what Ancient Egypt was like.

ancient Egypt

Before talking about the Egyptian civilization itself, it is important to note that a rich pre-dynastic history, as evidenced by the discovery of Nabta , also called the Egyptian Stonehenge , did indeed exist for several thousand years. before the unification of the country!

Nabta Egypt
Nabta Playa site

As previously noted, ancient Egypt was one of the most powerful civilizations of its time, despite many twists and turns over the 3000 years of its existence.

Military, political, religious and economic power, but not only that!

Music, painting, sculpture, literature, mathematics, astronomy, architecture... were also part of their great wealth and knowledge.

Egyptian art - burial chamber

A very great knowledge accompanied by a culture, a mythology and a pantheon of gods and goddesses that are simply impressive. Deities that most people know by name, interested in Egypt or not.

Gods also mythical kings and queens of ancient Egypt such as Horus , Anubis , Isis , or even Osiris for example.

God Osiris ancient Egypt

Holders of one of the most developed know-how of their time, they created and built architectural marvels including one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the only one to still exist today: The Great Pyramid of Giza .

The great Pyramid of Giza, of which we still have so much to discover, as evidenced by the discovery of an immense unsuspected cavity at least 40 meters long, by the international teams of the ScanPyramids mission, a few years ago already. .

Great Pyranid of Giza pyramid scan

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