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Ancient Rome

According to legend, Rome was founded in 753 BC. JC . by the legendary twin brothers Romulus and Remus , sons of the vestal (name given to the priestess dedicated to Vesta , the goddess of the hearth of the Roman people) Rhea Silvia and the god Mars . Two newborns who were abandoned at birth and then taken in by a wolf who raised them. A rich and eventful period followed.

Remus and Romulus founding of Rome

So what is the history of ancient Roman civilization? This is what we are going to develop in this article!

The ancient Roman civilization was a Mediterranean civilization founded in the 8th century BC. At first, a monarchy is installed. Then, in the 5th century BC. JC the Roman republic is proclaimed, that is to say that it was led by elected representatives rather than by a single king or queen.

One of the most famous aspects of ancient Roman civilization is thus the Roman Republic, which lasted from 509 to 27 BC. The Roman Republic was a form of government in which citizens had the right to participate in decision-making through their elected representatives. This system of government was instrumental in the expansion of the Roman Empire , as it allowed conquered territories to be governed effectively.

Another notable aspect of ancient Roman civilization was its military. The Roman army was one of the strongest in the ancient world, and it was instrumental in expanding and maintaining the Roman Empire. The Romans were known for their highly organized and disciplined military, as well as their innovative use of engineering and technology.

The Roman Empire then succeeded the republic in 27 BC. JC. An immense empire that extends over almost the entire Mediterranean, from Spain, Gaul, England, to Greece, or even Egypt.

A monarchy, which became a republic, then an empire, which over the centuries has established itself as the major power of the Mediterranean with illustrious figures such as the famous general and statesman, Julius Caesar, the conqueror of Gaul in 52 BC. JC.

Seat of Alesia Vercingetorix and Jules Cesar

Thus, the Romans are known for their impressive military, but also technical and architectural exploits, as well as for their love of art and literature.

Apart from their military and political achievements, the ancient Romans were also known for their impressive feats in engineering and architecture. The Romans were skilled builders and were responsible for the construction of many famous sites. Temples
, Amphitheatres, Colosseums, aqueducts or triumphal arches, passing through the arenas of Nîmes in France, to the grandiose temples of Baalbeck in Lebanon, traces of the Roman passage are present throughout the world.

The Colosseum in Rome

Finally, the ancient Romans were also known for their love of art and literature . They were ardent patrons and supported a wide variety of artistic pursuits including sculpture, painting, and poetry. Many famous Roman writers, such as Virgil and Ovid , are still studied and admired today for their contributions to literature.

Their mythology and gods, largely inspired by ancient Greece, were often represented through the art of ancient Rome, both in paintings, sculptures and mosaics, for which many works of art have come down to us. us again today.

Overall, the ancient Roman civilization was a highly influential and sophisticated society that made significant contributions to a wide range of fields including politics, the military, engineering, architecture, and the arts. Her legacy is still visible in the modern world through the many cultural, artistic and technological innovations she brought.

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