The Civilization of Caral

Located in present-day Peru, the Caral civilization (also called the Caral-Supe or Norte Chico civilization) is the oldest known civilization on the American continent.

Contemporary of the Sumerian, Egyptian and Indus Valley civilizations, it dates from 5000 years ago and flourished from 3000 to 1800 BC. JC.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the sacred city of Caral is an ancient archaeological site of this civilization bearing its name.

A city with an impressive architecture with housing and complex buildings such as the presence of temples, an amphitheater, a monolith or even six pyramids.

A city that bears witness to a complex political, social and religious organization and developed arithmetic, mathematical and astronomical know-how.

A civilization that would have lived in peace for more than 1000 years, researchers having found no trace of weapons or military constructions.

This civilization and this “mother town” of Caral would thus have developed through fishing and the trade of products such as the production of cotton or clothing.

Religion also seems to be one of the main pillars of the development of this civilization.

A system of beliefs and common rites that would have allowed the gathering and cohesion of this population.

Rites and ceremonies which were also accompanied according to the objects found, many musical instruments.

A civilization still very mysterious and full of unanswered questions whose disappearance remains unanswered for the moment (even if several hypotheses such as sudden climate change or disasters are put forward).

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