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The Apsaras ☸️

According to Hindu legends and writings, the Apsaras are celestial nymphs (deities) of great beauty born from the god Brahma, the creator god of Hinduism.

Apsaras which were very often represented over time in Cambodia .

Sometimes compared to the muses of ancient Greece , the Apsaras are said to be born from the churning of the sea of ​​milk (a cosmological myth of Hinduism).

Indeed, the Khmer (Cambodian) civilization , as well as the Khmer Empire, were Hindu for a long time before turning to Buddhism.

Thus, Khmer art has long been inspired by Indian art, until finally monopolizing it and creating its own unique style which we will call Bayon art or Angkorian art.

From these legends a traditional dance developed in Cambodia called the traditional Apsara dance .

A traditional dance originating from Cambodia and dating from the 7th century AD. 🇰🇭

It is an emblematic symbol of Khmer culture, which is still practiced today in Cambodia and throughout the world. 🌐

A dance honoring Khmer culture, traditions and mythology, where the dancers—dressed in costumes and accessories similar to those seen in the temples of Angkor—bewitch and captivate with their movements subtle and stylized.🌟

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