The Anunnaki 🌠

Today we are going to explore Mesopotamian mythology and more specifically the Anunnaki.

Who are they ?

The Anunnaki designate a group of gods of the Mesopotamian pantheon, and more precisely the most important deities of the latter.

According to several Babylonian texts, including the Enūma eliš (the epic of creation), the Anunnaki would number 600 distributed between the sky and the underworld.

According to Mesopotamian mythology, it would be this group of gods descended from the Heavens on Earth who would have created Man...

They are thus found as much among the Sumerians , the Akkadians as the Assyrians or the Babylonians . (If you want to know more about these, I invite you to read our article on The Mesopotamian Civilization .)

They would be descendants of the gods An and Ki , respectively the sky god and the earth goddess.

Enlil (found in the epic of Gilgamesh ) for example, and who is the head of the Mesopotamian pantheon and also the god of the wind, would thus be the oldest of the Anunnakis.

Anunnaki, Trees of Life, Neo Assyrian

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