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The Vikings

The Vikings
The Vikings were known as one of the great scourges of Europe from the 8th to the 11th century. A barbaric people without fear, cruel and devastating everything in their path.

But what is it really? Who are really the Vikings ?
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The Vikings , also called Normans , are a group of Scandinavian peoples (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) most of whose population were in fact farmers, artisans or even fishermen.

Originally, the word Viking did not designate all Scandinavians, but only those who left to explore the world in order to raid, pillage, or even trade.

Because yes, contrary to what one might believe, Vikings were not only a people of great warriors pillaging and inflicting terror wherever they went, they were also great traders, and peerless navigators and explorers.
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They reached most of the European coasts, the Mediterranean, North Africa, the East, and even America (Greenland, Vinland) around the year 1000 and attested by archaeological studies!

They also founded numerous trading posts and colonies (Faroe Islands, Iceland, etc.), and even New States (Normandy, Russia).

Many Vikings were able to assimilate very quickly in the various colonized countries by becoming acculturated and converting to Christianity.

Nevertheless, many of their beliefs and mythologies have remained and have reached us today and have been popularized by numerous fictions such as Marvel for example.
Nordic and Viking mythology
Does Thor, Odin, Loki, Asgard, Midgard or Valhalla mean anything to you?

These are all characters and places belonging to Norse mythology.

A complex and simply fascinating mythology.

To return to the history of Vikings , after around 300 years of raids, pillaging, trade and various colonizations, the age of Vikings apparently ends in the 11th century.

To this end, several hypotheses have been put forward, such as conversion to Christianity, commercial competition with other peoples, the unification of the Scandinavian peoples by kings or the increased difficulty encountered during raids.
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