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The Temple of Apollo and Gnothi Sauton 🏛

Temple of Apollo and Gnothi Sauton

Have you ever heard of the Temple of Apollo or the famous precept Gnothi Sauton?

The Temple of Apollo is a sacred temple of ancient Greece which was located in the city of Delphi.

An almost mythical temple, but which did indeed exist and whose ruins can be visited today.

The particularity of this temple is that it housed in its sacred bosom the oracle of Delphi, where stood the Pythia (Πυθία), who was considered the intermediary between humans and Apollo himself.

Thus, throughout ancient Greece and sometimes beyond, the oracles of the Pythia were in great demand. For example, it was consulted many times by Athens or Sparta before the start of a war or a battle.

Concerning Gnothi Sauton (Γνῶθι Σαυτόν)—which comes from ancient Greek—it is a maxim attributed to the god Apollo himself and meaning “know thyself”.

It is according to the various sources of this time which arrived, such as the writings of Plato for example, the oldest precept which was engraved at the entry of the temple of Apollo in Delphi.

Apollo being the Greek god of the arts, music, healing and even light.


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