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♾ The Egyptian Cross of Life ♾

The Cross of Life, also called the Key of Life, Ankh Cross or Egyptian Cross, but better known as the Ankh is an Egyptian hieroglyph meaning the word “life”.

The Egyptians used it to symbolize life on earth, as well as the life after.

Indeed, according to the Egyptian beliefs of the time, we first live a mortal existence on Earth, then an immortal existence in the afterlife.

The Ankh is also one of the most represented symbols of ancient Egyptian art, whether on temples, sculptures or tombs.

A cross of life that we will thus find very often associated with the deities of the Egyptian pantheon such for example the famous mythical queen and goddess Isis.

Its origin remains unknown today, but we know thanks to archaeologists that it was already used at the time of the very first dynasties of ancient Egypt, from 3150 BC. JC!

A strong symbol of ancient Egypt that we have thus represented within the Cross of Life design, drawing inspiration from this civilization.

A design filled with the 3000 years of ancient Egyptian history, its mythology and these symbols!

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