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Sumerian Civilization

Sumerian civilization - Archaia Blog

The Sumerian civilization was an ancient civilization located in the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia , which is modern-day Iraq. It is considered the first civilization in world history and played an important role in the development of human societies.

But what was this fascinating civilization?

The Sumerians were a highly advanced and sophisticated civilization with a complex social structure and rich culture. They developed a writing system called cuneiform , which is considered the oldest known form of written language. They also made important contributions to the fields of science, mathematics and architecture

Sumerian Civilization - Cuneiforms

The Sumerians were skilled farmers and developed an advanced irrigation system to water their crops. They also had a strong economy, with a system of trade and commerce that allowed the exchange of goods and services.

Sumerian civilization trade

One of the most notable achievements of the Sumerians was the development of the wheel. This allowed the transport of goods and people and considerably improved their ability to trade and travel. They also built impressive cities, with large temples and palaces, as well as fortifications to protect against invasions.

Ziggurat Sumerian Civilization

The Sumerians had a complex social structure, with a strong class system. The ruling class consisted of the king, priests and nobles, while the common people consisted of farmers, artisans and traders. The Sumerians believed in a pantheon of gods and goddesses, and their religious beliefs played an important role in their society.

Sumerian civilization Sumerian gods

The Sumerian civilization eventually declined, following a series of invasions and conquests by neighboring civilizations. However, their legacy lives on through their contributions to art, science, and culture, and they continue to be studied and revered by historians and researchers today.