The Mesopotamian Civilization

Cradle of civilization, agriculture, writing and taking its roots approximately in the tenth millennium BC, Mesopotamia (bringing together different peoples such as the Sumerians , the Akkadians , the Assyrians or the Babylonians for example) is considered one of the oldest known civilizations in the world!

After a development that accelerated in the 7th and 6th millennia BC. JC, it saw the appearance of its first states and large cities bringing together religious, economic centers and political institutions in the 4th millennium BC. JC.

Highly developed city-states made up of an established social organization, as well as just stunning architecture and urbanization. A City-State such as the ancient city of Uruk for example, today located in southern Iraq.

It is also the place that saw the emergence of what is considered today as the first writing system in the world , and which is called Cuneiform !

Cuneiforms, Mesopotamia

The famous epic of Gilgamesh , one of the oldest written stories in the world, and recounting the adventures of Gilgamesh , legendary King of Uruk , thus originated in Mesopotamia.

They set up the first treatises of laws like the famous code of Hammurabi , and set up a developed economic system with several institutions like palaces and temples regulating the different flows.

Filled with an incredible artistic, artisanal and architectural know-how (not to mention the scientific knowledge they had for the time), the Mesopotamians knew how to develop over the millennia a mythology and a rich culture which influenced the most of the peoples and civilizations that succeeded him.

Indeed, Mesopotamian mythology and gods are among the oldest known.

Gods having created man and governing their destinies. Gods such as the Anunnakis which I refer to in the following article: The Anunnakis

Mesopotamia, Ishtar, Akkadian seal
Mesopotamia, Shamash tablet

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