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The Civilization of Kerma

Civilization of Kerma
Located in Nubia (“Koush” in Egyptian), south of Egypt and north of present-day Sudan, the civilization of Kermawhich saw the emergence of the Kingdom of Kush—is one of the first civilizations in Africa. A Kingdom that was conquered by Egypt around 1500 BC. JC by Pharaoh Thutmose I, then who in turn conquered Egypt in 744 BC. JC to found the XXVᵉ Egyptian pharaonic dynasty.

Who was the civilization of Kerma and the Kingdom of Kush which ruled Egypt for almost 90 years?
Civilization of Kerma
The civilization or Kingdom of Kerma —named after the city of Kerma , the remains of which have been found and which is believed to be the capital of this kingdom—seems to have emerged around 2500 BC. JC by unifying the different regions of Nubia.

The powerful rival Kingdom of Egypt and which was called Kingdom of Kush (Nubia) by them.

Nevertheless, having found no written trace of this civilization, we ultimately know very little. The main sources that we have, coming from Egyptian writings or from archaeological finds.

A region rich in gold which aroused the covetousness of the Egyptians who, after several military campaigns, ended up conquering the country around 1504 BC. JC. A conquest carried out by the 3ᵉ pharaoh of the XVIIIᵉ dynasty of the new Empire, Thutmose I.

A conquest that will be reversed, a little more than 700 years later with the conquest of Egypt by Nubia and the episode of the Nubian pharaohs.

Despite the many rebellions that followed, following the conquest of the Kingdom of Kerma / Kush by Egypt, culture Kerma became more and more immersed in Egyptian culture.

The centuries following this conquest saw the ever more important development, both economically and politically, of the Kingdom of Kush. The kingdom also regained its independence around 1000 BC. JC then created little by little the Kush Empire which then lasted for more than 1000 years—and saw its capital move to Napata then to Meroe.

An Empire that even went so far as to conquer Egypt and found the XXVᵉ dynasty there in 744 BC, before being driven out by the Assyrians in -656.
Map Kingdom of Kush
 Many Egyptian practices and traditions were then taken over by the Kushites such as their religion and their pyramids.

We can also find a number of Nubian pyramids still standing today, in Meroe, Sudan.
Pyramid Kingdom of Kush