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Cernunnos 🦌


A major figure in the Celtic pantheon, known as the "Lord of the Animals", Cernunnos is a complex, multifaceted deity whose image and symbolism have captivated researchers and enthusiasts.

But who is this famous Deer God?

Cernunnos is often depicted as a horned god, with antlers or horns growing from his head. This association with the natural world and the animal kingdom is central to his character, as he is believed to control the fertility and prosperity of animals and crops.

In Celtic art , Cernunnos is often depicted seated, cross-legged, holding a serpent in one hand and a torc (a type of Celtic necklace) in the other. The serpent represents the underworld and the mysteries of life and death, while the torc is a symbol of wealth and power. Other depictions of Cernunnos show him surrounded by animals such as deer, wild boars and wolves, reinforcing his association with the natural world.

Despite its importance in Celtic mythology, much of what we know about Cernunnos remains shrouded in mystery.

He is believed to have been revered throughout the Celtic world, from Britain to Gaul . However, the lack of written records has made it difficult to fully understand its role and significance.

Nonetheless, Cernunnos' enduring popularity is a testament to the power and appeal of Celtic mythology. As we continue to explore and discover the rich cultural heritage of the Celts, Cernunnos remains an enigmatic and captivating figure, embodying the mystery and magic of this ancient civilization.

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