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🍃 Baksei Chamkrong 🍃

The pyramids…

So fascinating and mysterious, we find them on several continents of the world coming from civilizations as varied and diverse as their eras. Remarkable constructions with often very mysterious purposes, which are most often referred to as religious or funerary.

Well, did you know that there are also pyramids in Cambodia? 🇰🇭

One of them is the Baksei Chamkrong temple which you can see in the photo in this article. A photo taken during my trip to Cambodia almost 2 years ago now. 📸

Built in the 10th century AD on the site of Angkor , this monument is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva (one of the three primordial gods of Hinduism alongside Brahma and Vishnu ), built at the time of Empire of Angkor .

I invite you to consult my article on Khmer civilization, if you wish to know more about the incredible builders of this site: Khmer civilization

A creator god possessing universal and absolute knowledge, who is for example the father of Ganesh, the famous elephant-headed god (god of wisdom, intelligence, and education).

Finally, you should know that the name of this temple has a very interesting origin. 🛕

Indeed, “Baksei Chamkrong” means “ the bird which shelters under its wings ” and comes from a Khmer legend.

In it, the king of the Empire was trying to flee Angkor during a siege when an enormous bird landed and sheltered him under its wings. 🦅

See you soon ! 😁